Monday, December 12, 2011


The sewing collective is where we can do what my mum and her mum did. Namely talk about men what they do and/or don't do for/to us.

The more exciting, in the air the faster the needles fly - bobbins to them all!!! Of course meeting in a pub helps the crafty collective along - shame that we don't get to do it on a Saturday night when the 'real' people fill the overstuffed room of the public house - why don't they all go home and watch X-Factor!

But on a serious note the crafty collective is a vented portal from my other life wherer I can be myself and damn the rest of them. The only other time I get is when I am up late and the kids are in bed, by which point I am too tired and really can't be doing with any more of the paxman so just throw on a log, pull up a blanket and stare at the wall!

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