Monday, December 12, 2011

My Latest Gadget

Would I be the first to have fluffy, frothy dreams? or this a thing that goes through everones mind?

I got me a Whipped Cream Dispenser thinking that it would make just cream, but something about the squirt sends a pleasant shiver threw me. Just not sure how to put it to best use - there is of course the spray and lick idea - but too sticky and the thought of doing a Liberace (see image) doesn't work for me either.

Any suggestions?

Actually forget it, that is not something I would like any suggestions on my dreams about lathering in whipped cream from a canister are no business but my own. So take your wicked thoughts and your cream chargers and go and get whipped somewhere else.

Cute or Scary


The sewing collective is where we can do what my mum and her mum did. Namely talk about men what they do and/or don't do for/to us.

The more exciting, in the air the faster the needles fly - bobbins to them all!!! Of course meeting in a pub helps the crafty collective along - shame that we don't get to do it on a Saturday night when the 'real' people fill the overstuffed room of the public house - why don't they all go home and watch X-Factor!

But on a serious note the crafty collective is a vented portal from my other life wherer I can be myself and damn the rest of them. The only other time I get is when I am up late and the kids are in bed, by which point I am too tired and really can't be doing with any more of the paxman so just throw on a log, pull up a blanket and stare at the wall!

Patch Curtains

Funky Patchwork

Just when you thought it was all for Grandmas ... this is patch-working for the next generation!